Below are talks from the May, 2006 AGU session on the Science Needs for the Data Environment of the Great Observatory

Invited Talks:

Data Services Required for Future Magnetospheric Research; McPherron

Advances in Data Coordination for Establishing Heliophysics as a Basic Science; Crooker

A Sun-to-Earth Campaign Joining Observations from the Great Observatory with Worldwide Satellite and Ground-Based Resources to Investigate System Science Frontiers; Kozyra

Contributed Talks:

A Virtual Observatory for the Ionosphere-Mesosphere-Thermosphere Community; Morrison

Key Architecture Elements of a Great Observatory for Space Physics; Eastman

SPASE: Metadata Interoperability in the Great Observatory Environment; Thieman

Virtual Observatory and Data System Interoperability; Weiss

Connecting Virtual Observatories with Grid Enabled Services; Narock

The VSO at Two and a Half; Gurman

A Paradigm for Space Science Informatics; Borne

The Global Magnetometer Network Initiative: SuperMAG; Gjerloev

The Virtual Radiation Belt Observatory: Weigel