Oral Talks presented at the Virtual Obseratories in Space and Solar Phyiscs Workshop

Aaron Roberts, VO Framework
Ray Walker, Historical Overview
Volodya Papitashvili, VOs and eGY
Chuck Holmes, What NASA Wants
Jim Thieman, the SPASE Data Model
Frank Hill, What's Inside the Small (VSO) Box
Aaron Roberts, A "Large Box" (VSPO)
Bob Bentley, Registries in a Grid Context (EGSO)
Neal Hurlburt, CoSEC and VO Services
Adam Szabo, Repositories and VxOs
Bobby Candey, SOAP and ftp Interfaces to Repositories


Listing of Posters as of 20 October 2004

Auden, Astrogrid, Solar and STP
Auden, SDO and Astrogrid
Dalla, Astrogrid, Solar System
Karimibadi, Data Mining
Hourcle, VSO Data Transfer
Morrison, VITMO
Narock, VHO
Pfister, ECHO (An "Earth Science VO")
Papitashvili, VGMO (Ground-based magnetometers)
Suarez-Sola, VSO Applications
eGY News
Fox, VSTO (NCAR Solar-Terrestrial)
Candey, SECAA Web Services (CDAWeb and ftp)
de La Beaujardiere, Geospatial Interoperability
McGuire, Multimission Active Archive
Vandegriff, Data Unification Service
Vandegriff, Data Unification Service, part 2
Darnell, MLSO (Solar oberservations)
Zhang, Automatic CME detection
North, Metadata Library
Green, ViRBO (Radiation Belts)
Fung, Magnetospheric State-Based Modeling and Analysis Tools
Byrnes, Holland Peer to Peer architecture